Hot Summer Nights: BBQ in the City

Dear Vegetarian readers please be aware this post contains a lot of meat (although fruit and vegetables do make a small cameo), carnivores, enjoy. When it's hot and humid you sometimes end up making strange choices. We were dreaming of this BBQ we had last year... Lamb Chops dressed in herbs and cooked on an roaring open fire in the middle of nature. What could be better? Well, we were thinking of recreating this exact same thing, however, living in a city center with strict regulations does not allow such luxuries, so we either had to abandon our dream or adapt to our situation. One of the best things about our kitchen is that we have a fireplace (that actually works), so we decided to make do with what we had and the husband built us a small grill in the fireplace. We bought a small Lamb Sirloin Steak for 8 e (cheaper than take-out) and used the vegetables we had on had to create a quick BBQ.

Rakkaat kasvissyöjät, pieni varoitus: tämä postaus sisältää paljon lihaa vaikka toki muutama vihannes ja hedelmäkin on myös mukana. Nyt kun on tullut kivasti lämpoasteita mittariin meillä ei ole ollut hirveesti energiaa luoda mitään hienoja ruokia.
Kuumien säiden innoittamana himoitsimme piknikiä, viime kesän kovin hitti, lampaan tikkarit yrtein tuoreena mielessämme. Nyt kuitenkin kaupunkilaisina törmäsimme ongelmaan. Miten ihmeessä kaupungissa grillataan?! Kävelimme valtavan kuormamem kanssa aikamoisen lenkin ympäri Pyhäjärven rantoja etsien rauhaisaa, kivistä paikkaa laskea hieno prototyyppigrillimme ja nautiskella auringosta. Epäonnistuimme, ja kymmenien kilometrien jälkeen annoimme periksi ja menimme takaisin kotiin. Onneksi keittiössämme on toimiva takka! 

Prototyyppigrillimme olikin helppo polttaa takassamme, ja se toimi mainosti! Kirjoitan tästä grillistä vielä tarkemman postin myöhemmin, täytyy vielä tehdä pientä suunnittelua!

Last years meal, which resulted in endless inspiration for us.

Viime vuoden lampaanvartaat inspiroivat yhä...

A cast iron pot filled with coals acted as our very own grill. There will be some DIY on this one later on, it's being prototyped!

We used up the leftover Fennel we had from making Bouillabaisse, and some Zucchini and Corn that we had in the fridge. We didn't do anything to them ,just put them straight on the grill. Something magical happens when Fennel hits the coals--you have to try this.


We bought a metal grill from the hardware store for a couple of euros which worked nicely. We have to admit that the butcher had already marinated the lamb (this was our fast food) rosemary and olive oil seemed to be the main ingredient for the marinade.

We ate outside on our enormous balcony, drinking this amazing wine, which we will write a separate post about. The puppy also had an interest in our dinner.

Lashings of butter...

Paljon voita vaan...

Our fast food dinner even included dessert: grilled watermelon. It is so simple but somehow the flavours become elevated.

Just some advice, don't hit your fingernail with a nail...(no pun intended).

This was a bit of a lazy post to fit the lazy time we have been having. I encourage laziness to everyone from time to time:)