Quick Food: Whiskey Éntrecote, Herb Butter and Tomato Salad

Simple and delicious, a good whiskey might just be a steak's best friend!

For these we used manly, ~1 inch thick beef éntrecote steaks with plenty of fatty streaks marbling the meat. 
Take the meat out of the fridge to warm, for about half an hour. You can put the seasoning on it while it waits, so rub some salt and black pepper on the meat, as well as about a tablespoon or so of good quality whiskey per steak. Pat the fragrant mixture of pepper and whiskey on both sides of the steak and let them rest while you prepare the herby butter.

A bernaise-sauce, or a thick red-wine au jus are great companions for a steak, but a simple, fast and delicious alternative is a herby butter. Take a tablespoon or two of good butter into a mortar and pestle, add a clove or so of garlic and a bunch of chopped up parsley, a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon or lime. Pound and mix the butter in the pestle until it's all combined and lovely, season to taste with a bit of extra salt and a pinch of pepper and serve with the steak. 

Now, frying a steak properly is pretty hard, and I'm still learning. I've finally dialled my methods to suit our tastes, since especially the missus likes her steaks very, very rare. I like mine on the minus side of medium-rare, so this instruction will give you something along those lines. It all depends on your tastes and equipment. 

Get a cast-iron skillet hot on the stove, add a knob of butter and plonk down the stakes, start a timer or start counting to 60 seconds. At 1 minute, flip the steak, repeat for another minute and take off the pan and onto a cutting board, cover for a minute or two, and serve with the butter and a lovely salad, or something hardier like potatoes, or brown rice! So good, and so simple!

- JAm