Travel Tales: Grey Tones in Chelsea

Harmaa on maailman paras väri (ainakin minun /meidän maailmassa). Olimme Lontoossa viime viikolla ja meidän iloksemme harmaa on valtanut jo ennestään sään puolesta harmaan kaupungin. Harmaat talot, harmaat baarit, harmaat hotellihuoneet, harmaa taivas ja harmaat kadut. Olimme yhdessä mielettömässä pubissa Chelseassa nimeltä Lots Road. Kerrassaan itkevän hyvää ruokaa (katso kuva siitä mun pihvistä) ja ystävälliset hinnat. Taivaallisten ruokien lisäksi tarjolla oli samppanjaa ja artesaani oluita. Pubin harmaa miljöö teki myös meidän olon hyvin kotoiseksi.

Grey is the fairest color of them all (at least in my (maybe even our) universe). If you don't consider grey to be a color then don't start with me. Grey this and grey that, grey makes everything more beautiful and that is fact. Even simply by just being, grey compliments and brings out all the other colors and essentially makes them pop. We were in London last week, walking around 14 km in espadrilles, until behold we found this little gem in Chelsea. Lots Road is a pub with lots: lots to offer, lots to give, a place I wish to see lots more of. It's a bit of a walk from Saatchi Galleries (but still in walking distance), so if you are heading in that direction, this is where you should end up. I really loved this space. The open kitchen, fresh flowers on every table and attentive and welcoming staff made the atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable. It was also clean which is a big criteria for me.

Mitä me sitten syötiin? Yksi annos Fish and Chipsiä (of course) ja yksi 28 day matured 8 oz rib eye steak & fires, herb salad, red wine jus. Fish and Chips oli täydellisen hyvää mutta pihvi oli ihan oikeesti itkettävän hyvää. Se oli kun leikkaisi voita: niin mureaa ja maku oli täydellisen savuinen ja kerrankin oikea kypsyys. Eikä siinä vielä kaikki! ;) Vaikka olimme lontoossa ja punta on nyt ärsyttävän vahva, meidän ateriat juomineen maksoi silti vähemmän kun olisi syönyt ketjuravintolassa Suomessa.

Our eats consisted of Fish and Chips (excellent), and one 28 day matured 8 oz rib eye steak & fires, herb salad, red wine jus. The Fish and Chips was excellent but the steak was truly crying good. If it would have not been so incredibly socially awkward there may have been actual tears. The happy sad thing about this meal was that, despite being in London and the pound being so strong, we still paid less (drinks included) for this meal than we would have in for example, Fransmanni (where the food is most likely not all prepared from scratch) in Finland. That is rather depressing. Somehow in Finland, if restaurants make the food from scratch then the price rises exponentially, whereas, in other places that is the given and the standard to live by. Another one of those ridiculous truths that just makes no sense. Just to add that when I say "from scratch" my expectations are not high (they are actually incredibly low), I don't expect them to churn their own butter but a simple making your own aioli and gravy, not just defrosting something and using ready made sauces. There is a place for that and it's called McDonalds, and quite frankly, they are the best at ready made sauces and defrosted, microwavable, deep friable food.

JAm post scriptum: That one up there, the Yong's London Stout, might have been the best pint of beer I've ever drunk. Amazingly deep, coffee-like flavour in a delicious, nigh-gravylike mouth feel. Astonishing, and I might never see it again, so alas, all I have now is this picture and a memory. 

Matkalla hotelille, harmaa tuli jälleen vastaan.

On the walk back we came upon another manifestation of grey.

Jos olette Lontoossa, Chelsean alueella suosittelemme lämpimästi tätä pubia. Ihan mahtava laatu ja hintataso (miljöö yms yms.) Kunpa vain saisimme sellaista lihaa ihan kotiinkin kypsyttäväksi.

If you are in the Chelsea area we highly recommend popping into the Lots Road Pub. The quality is exceptional and the prices make sense. If only we had that type of meat at home, we would be feasting like kings.

Lisää ruokainspoa tulossa (ehkä hieman terveellisempää/arkisempaa):)

More food to follow, perhaps a bit healthier/mundane to fit the upcoming detox season;)