Wanties: Stift Klosterneuburg Mathäi Brut

While trying to find a gluten free snack at Helsinki Vantaa airport it became clear rather quickly that either pay lots for a ridiculous tiny fruit salad or pay lots for tapas and wine--same price, world of difference. I happened across this Austrian sparkling wine made from Grüner Veltiner--a very exciting combination indeed--and head straight to the Alko to get a bottle when I got home... For some reason this actually happens to us rather often--so I fell in love with a wine and so did a magazine, however, unlike my love the magazines love caused it to be sold out almost immediately. So... this is one for the summer then.

Kokeilimisen arvoinen kuohu! Grüner Veltiner on jännittävä rypälevalinta tähän kuohuun... Valitettavasti se taitaa olla nyt joka paikasta loppuunmyyty mutta jos olet onnekas ja löydät pullon niin älä epäröi!